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  1. Hello, we were at the Reno Kings boot camp by the beach
    this weekend and bought the “Managing your investment property”
    book. I’ve sent off the email for the bonus material and I can’t
    find the cleaning checklist on your website, it’s been a huge,
    powerful weekend with the education and insight we have learned, so
    maybe I’m missing something! It’s a great checklist and I’d love to
    have it if possible please? Warm wishes Sharon

    • Sent you an email

  2. Hello,
    Yesterday I placed an order and paid for ‘Managing Your Investment Property’ on line.
    I would like to answer the 2 questions relating to the competition for the Ipad. I am unable to locate the appropriate button to 1. locate the anwers to the questions 2. the location to answer the question.

    Please advise how I can access the above.

    Kindly yours,

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